GCE Sabre EASE II (Nitronox N2O/O2)




GCE Sabre EASE II pain relief demand valve system.

The GCE Sabre EASE II pain relief demand valve system is designed to work seamlessly with our Nitronox analgesic N2O/O2 gas cylinders.

The demand valve features a simple to use quick connect probe fitting to enable rapid attachment/detachment to the quick connect port on analgesic N2O/O2 cylinders.

The GCE Sabre EASE II demand valve is a robust and compact device used by patients to self administer medical gas therapy. GCE Sabre EASE II can be used to administer nitrous oxide and oxygen mixture (commonly known as N2O/O2 analgesic gas) for pain relief. The GCE Sabre EASE II demand valve is designed in a way that creates minimal breathing resistance to the patient and can deliver high flows when required.

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