GCE MARS Resuscitator (Quick Connect System)




GCE MARS II Resuscitator with adult, small adult and child settings.

The GCE MARS II resuscitator is designed to work seamlessly with our medical oxygen cylinders.

The GCE MARS II resuscitator features a simple to use quick connect probe fitting to enable rapid attachment/detachment to the quick connect port on our medical oxygen cylinders.

The kit includes masks and a bespoke grab bag for storage of a medical oxygen cylinder and the GCE MARS II resuscitator.

Other options are also available including adult setting only, and pin-index (PI) cylinder connection. Please use our enquiry form to request a call-back.

  • MARS II is a leading resuscitator developed for healthcare professionals and first responders.
  • MARS II is specifically designed to help emergency personnel, respond to patients that require resuscitation. The device can be used in confined spaces, low oxygen/toxic environments.

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