2.7L Responder O2 (Medical Oxygen Cylinder) Ambulance


Monthly Rental Price £10.42 + VAT

Exchange Cylinder Price £8.00

Delivery £40.00

All prices are exclusive of VAT

Payment can be made monthly via Direct Debit.

Our terms & conditions are available on our Download Information page.

Your dedicated Area Manager will look after your account and is contactable by phone or email and available for on-site meetings. Callouts and deliveries for medical oxygen / gas cylinders are also covered by your dedicated Area Manager who will liaise with you to arrange visits to your site.

You will receive an annual cylinder report for your records detailing barcode details of the types and quantity of medical gas cylinders on your account, batch numbers and expiry dates.

Our medical gas cylinders incorporate the latest design and technology utilising lightweight aluminium oxygen safe materials and simple to use oxygen flow controls which will help you to concentrate on providing a lifeline to patients in emergency situations.

Our Responder O2 medical oxygen cylinders are the simplest, most user friendly medical gas cylinders on the market, featuring a single switch operation which controls the on/off function and oxygen flow rates with no additional controls to worry about.

In addition to the oxygen therapy flow outlet, there is also a quick connect port to enable rapid attachment/detachment of pipelines and other ancillary devices such as the GCE MARS Resuscitator and the GCE Sabre EASE II oxygen demand valve.

Please use our Contact Us form to arrange a call-back to discuss your medical oxygen and medical gas requirements.

In addition to our Responder medical oxygen cylinders, we also specialise in the supply of Nitronox cylinders, an effective pain relief system containing analgesic gas composed of 50% medical nitrous oxide / 50% medical oxygen. Please visit our other medical gas product pages for more information.

A wide range of masks and accessories is also available from our online shop.

Responder O2 Medical Oxygen Cylinder Technical Information

2.7L Responder O2 Medical Oxygen Cylinder
Contents: Medical Oxygen (O2)
Cylinder Volume: 2.7 Litre
Cylinder Pressure: 200 Bar
Gas Capacity: 579 Litres
Flow Rate (Multi-Flow) 1-15Lpm