1L Responder Nitronox Cylinder (N2O/O2 Analgesic Gas)



Pay Monthly £16.57

Pay Yearly £195.00

Our standard Nitronox service is inclusive of:

  • SOS Nitronox analgesic gas N2O/O2 cylinder
  • Free next day delivery/callout
  • Free cylinder exchanges/refills
  • Annual cylinder report
  • Dedicated Area Manager to look after your account

Prices are exclusive of VAT.

3x free cylinder exchanges per cylinder, per year.

Please use our enquiry form to place an order or arrange a call-back to discuss your medical oxygen and medical gases requirements.

We support healthcare professionals and first aid responders providing a lifeline to patients.

Nitronox is an analgesic gas comprising 50% medical oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide (N2O/O2). This analgesic gas mix is commonly referred to as Entonox, however Entonox is BOC’s registered trademark for their product. Our Nitronox and BOC’s Entonox are the same gas products marketed under different names.

You will receive an annual cylinder report for your records detailing barcode details of the types and quantity of medical gas cylinders on your account, batch numbers and expiry dates. You can keep the reports on file for CQC inspections, and don’t worry if you loose one, we keep copies, so just email us and we’ll send a replacement.

There’s no need to call us when your cylinders’ medical gas expiry dates are due, our digital asset tracking system constantly monitors all of our medical gas cylinders and we’ll be in touch to arrange replacement cylinders, free of charge, before your medical gases expire.

Your dedicated Area Manager will look after your account and is contactable by phone or email and available for on-site meetings. Callouts and deliveries for medical oxygen / gas cylinders are also covered by your dedicated Area Manager who will liaise with you to arrange visits to your site.

Our medical gas cylinders incorporate the latest design and technology utilising lightweight aluminium oxygen safe materials and simple to use oxygen flow controls which will help you to concentrate on providing a lifeline to patients in emergency situations.

Our Responder Nitronox N2O/O2 analgesic gas cylinders feature a simple on/off control switch and a simple to use quick connect system to enable rapid attachment/detachment of pipeline demand valves.

In addition to our Responder Nitronox analgesic gas cylinders, we also specialise in the supply of medical oxygen cylinders. Please visit our other medical gas product pages for more information.

We provide a bespoke medical gas supply service at unbeatable prices tailored to support ambulance services. Please explore our Ambulance Service Equipment page for details.

A wide range of masks and accessories is also available from our online shop.

Responder Nitronox N2O/O2 Cylinder Technical Information

1L Responder Nitronox Cylinder (N2O/O2 Analgesic Gas)
Contents: Analgesic (N2O/O2)
Cylinder Volume: 1 Litre
Cylinder Pressure: 137 Bar
Gas Capacity: 330 Litres


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